qp foods

QP Foods is a collection of ready-to-serve Vietnamese food, which are made for the processed products stalls in food markets and Phở CEO greenery restaurants all over the world. The products are examined and made complete using traditional Vietnamese recipes, fresh ingredients nourished in Vietnam and manufactured with international safety standards and qualities. Within every dish is a story of culture that tells about the natural essence and the people of Vietnam. The distinctiveness in Vietnamese food are:


The Authenticity of ingredients comes from the regional soil and weather specialties


The Fineness of culture in each recipe - the embodiment of each Vietnamese community’s observation and perception of their region


The Balance in nutrition, temperatures and layers of taste in each Vietnamese dish that sublimate the customers’ energy


The Richness in flavours, colours, ingredients and the cooking process of Vietnamese food


The Freshness of the ingredients that are nourished in Vietnam


Contributing to making Vietnam the world’s kitchen


Developing restaurant franchises in major cities around the world, becoming the top 10 restaurant franchises globally, with investment from 250,000 usd per restaurant and franchise fee from 15,000 to 40,000 usd, offering free advertising and training fees.

QP Foods provides six million meal portions a day through restaurant franchises, distributors, supermarkets, food stores and e-commerce platforms around the world.

The fine dining restaurants in the QP Foods ecosystem rank high on the The World’s 50 Best list and acquire Michelin stars with Vietnamese dishes created by Vietnamese chefs.

Contributing to positioning Vietnam as the worlds’ kitchen.

Freeze dried


4 dishes Phở C.E.O, Fish Vermicelli Soup, Shrimp Vermicelli Soup and Milky Chicken Rice Noodle Soup are freeze-dried with the Vinamit’s technology to put on processed products stalls in supermarkets all over the world, aiming to fulfil the savoury experience and daily nutrition necessity for the health of international customers



The traditional dishes are manufactured in Vietnam and stored as frozen products to bring to Phở C.E.O Greenery Restaurant franchises worldwide a revolutionary idea of a new gastronomic era, gradually replacing the industrial food consumption in developed cities: enjoying food with gratefulness for what nature brings, not only to feel full, but also healthy and balanced within the universe.

We eat to learn about the origin of life, to touch on different worlds and discover the cultures that sprout from agriculture.

Phở C.E.O

Greenery Restaurant

Phở C.E.O Greenery Restaurant is an open space filled with sunshine, harmoniously immerse in the nature; the distinctive aroma and delicious taste of graceful dishes are made to imprint in the memories of Phở C.E.O Greenery Restaurant’s customers. Walking into PHỞ C.E.O Restaurant, customers will enjoy the cuisine with all five senses while leaving their pressure outside the doors of the architecture, which enhances the refreshing greenery. 

The distinctiveness in the PHỞ C.E.O’s gastronomic picture is the perfect combination of three factors: 

CREATIVITY - our creation in the manufacturing process and non-preservative preservation technology

EXCELLENCE - the symphony of savours brought to you through every taste of soup

ORIGINALITY – the authenticity and uniqueness of our products.

Let’s visit the first Phở C.E.O Greenery Restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam in June 2022 to explore the melodious colours, as of Vietnam’s stories and Hanoi’s culture through a thousand years.